Day 2: I didn’t quit!

I would just like to say I deserve a participation trophy of sorts since I’m a millennial (just kidding) because I completed day 2 of my challenge for Yoga.

Now before you say anything about how it’s only day 2 let me explain!

I believe that the universe is a very powerful force that many cannot understand, most call the forces at work God, or Messiah, or possibly even Allah. But to me, I refer to it as good vibes and positive energy.

When practicing yoga, you attune yourself with something greater than yourself allowing your body and mind to be at ease and find peace if only for a moment.

It’s when you find that peace and let the universe conduct its will that truly amazing things will happen for you.

After day 1 of my 30 days of Yoga with Adriene (Day 1 if you’d like to test it out), I felt so much relaxation in my body and I slept magically. I cannot even explain the magic.

But most importantly, about 3o minutes after I leveled myself with the universe, the job I wanted to bad that I had been waiting to hear from emailed me back and offered for me to start today.

It was a sign from the universe, this job you ask? It’s with a dance studio and is offering me a way back into the life of dance I’d given up when I prioritized other responsibilities and I lost a part of myself that I often missed.

This is why I deserve a trophy for not skipping day 2 everyone! Instead of doing the yoga challenge this morning like I had intended I decided night was probably best to set me in a good mindset to then write about my day and go to sleep.

Well today I assisted in a baby ballet/tap class and oh my goodness the cute was so undeniable I could barely stand it, subbed 3 classes for a sick teacher which included a tap/jazz/ballet combo, ballet level 1 (which I had to do some vocab google for) and a performance team class.

It was exhausting, but there is no way to describe how much I loved it. I was terrified at first that I was going to mess up and that the kids wouldn’t listen to me, but by the end of the night I was fully confident in what I was doing and I fell in love with dance even more than I already was.

So when I got into my car to head home after 3 straight hours of dancing and stretching and technique my body was tired! But I took 30 minutes to talk to my fabulous roommate, and then said “you have to do this, it’s day 2, come on you have to do this”

And magically enough I was able to drag my tired soul to the mat and let me tell you Adriene doesn’t play with those planks y’all my abs are on fire but I love it so.

For once I feel like I may actually be able to finish something I’ve started.

Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to go eat more fruit slices.