The Life and Times

Becoming McKenna

McKenna may not be my real name, and I may technically not be her, but she has become an alter ego of sorts for me. I know, that sounds totally crazy, like an imaginary friend, or an unrealistic expectation set for myself. But as much as I am not McKenna, at my core, that's who… Continue reading Becoming McKenna

Recovery Chronicles

Where do I go from here?

The last 3 months of my life have has been host to the craziest chain of events I could possibly imagine. Now, let me start by saying I am not the kind of person that easily accepts help and admits that I need it to others. I have always been an independent person having only… Continue reading Where do I go from here?

30 Days of Babbling, The Life and Times

Look into my Crystal Ball

Come one, come all, take a look into my crystal ball. Let's take a journey into the future shall we? Oh somethings coming in, its a foggy image, but it looks like it says its 10 years from now. Let's see where I am in 10 years... I'm only kidding.....I hope. About 2 months ago… Continue reading Look into my Crystal Ball