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Becoming McKenna

McKenna may not be my real name, and I may technically not be her, but she has become an alter ego of sorts for me. I know, that sounds totally crazy, like an imaginary friend, or an unrealistic expectation set for myself. But as much as I am not McKenna, at my core, that's who… Continue reading Becoming McKenna

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Day 3: Simba is not my friend!

Okay, so day 3...I'm still at it, not many hiccups today. My motivation to this is really hanging on and my positivity keeps growing. I'm finding that with each namaste that I breathe, I feel lighter, more positive, and like my abs will revolt because today was basically the boat pose and moving Simba over… Continue reading Day 3: Simba is not my friend!

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It was the Lark, Herald of the Morn

*Disclaimer this post is in no way sponsored by Starbucks I just go there a lot* I have discovered recently that I, McKenna Jean, am a morning person!!! For all the people who know me personally go ahead gasp loudly, I know, it's completely unbelievable. ┬áMe the impossible to wake, the grumpy gills of all… Continue reading It was the Lark, Herald of the Morn

The Life and Times

It’s been a minute

Hello there, It's me again. It's been a minute since I've been able to write. So I just spent a week volunteering for type 1 diabetes camp and I have 2 stories to tell you about this experience. The first is the most amazing experience I have ever faced that filled me with so much… Continue reading It’s been a minute