Welcome to my corner


Welcome! Welcome MckennaCats, do you mind if I call you that, I mean I am going to anyway so…So hello MckennaCats and Welcome to my corner. I invite you to all snuggle up in your coziest blankets and let me indulge you in storytime and daily trials of the life of a 22-year-old cat lady looking for love, a diploma, and a sense of self in the world.

So here’s a little bit about me:

First off! My name isn’t actually McKenna (although I often wish it was) it is McKenzie and my nickname was given to me by my roommate/best friend/candle in the dark, Isabelle. (She has a youtube channel you can visit here! Sometimes I make an appearance.)

Second! I recently went through a life change and have been slowly sharing my changes in point of view and mental status and finding out what makes me happy and what makes me passionate about life.

Third! I love music, makeup, and cats! Music genres that I enjoy are alternative, K-pop, indie, and singer-songwriter. I have recently become obsessed with makeup thanks to my

I have recently become obsessed with makeup thanks to my lovely cousin who also blogs and you can read some of her stuff here.

I have 2 cats Piper and Zelda and they are my life but sadly with apartment living and couch hopping, they live with my parents and we skype when we can.

I am an aspiring photographer and teacher and I am just trying to find my way.