Day 5: Finding Courage

Hey there! It’s Friday! It’s Day 5! And today is a different kind of day.

For a little over a week I have been contemplating about a particular article for my series on my recovery and whether I should or should not post it.

Why? because it’s a little bit messy, it’s a little bit angry, and it’s 100% what I need to let go.

I feel often times recovery is a lot like grief, you go through stages until you reach acceptance with yourself and your positioning in the universe and you move on.

This is part of why I decided to do this yoga challenge. Yoga can speak to you and work for you in ways you never imagined, opening doors that hadn’t existed.

I hadn’t been ready before. It was a huge life change I was preparing for. It was a bold statement.

But today on the mat I decided, it was time. It was time to release the anger and depression and denial and all the other things I had been dealing with alone, and write.

So today, my Yoga gave me the courage for this article (here) that you can choose to read or not to, it’s always your choice.


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