It was the Lark, Herald of the Morn

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The Schrödinger Door

So imagine,

You’re standing in an empty hallway filled with doors lining both sides. You find that each door appears to be locked and you can’t find any keys.

You see the most familiar door to you. It’s like looking at a best friend after years of not talking but everything is the same, although there are little changes. You are still close but there are changes you cannot ignore. It’s not the exactly the same.

Standing at the door you want desperately to see if it will open, but then what if it doesn’t? what will you do if the door is locked to you, the door you really want to be open, can you handle that kind of fallout.

But if it’s open, the possibilities are endless. It could bring the greatest joys, it could bring new adventures, it could change your future. But is it worth checking the door?

Trying that door is the pivotal moment. If the door opens you don’t know what it could hold but if it doesn’t….how do you deal with the disappointment?

Now you’re sitting there in a hallway filled with doors fixed on this one, just sitting in front of it wondering if you have the courage to try and open the door?

Are you ready…? Is anyone ever ready…?

Seems like today may be the day that you risk the door being closed forever and try anyway, or perhaps you will stare a little longer at the door just waiting, hoping for some clues on what lay ahead.

Until then… until you can take the risk, you’re never going to know if that door or if it will even let you back in.

Or maybe, that isn’t even the right door at all, maybe the newer untested doors are what you should be going towards. Are you ready for that, what is scarier? Uncharted territory or comfortable territory that may not be the same?