The Life and Times of a “Sinner”

So I got a bit behind but that was because this particular subject can be a bit touchy for most people and I am so used to keeping my mouth shut about it. Today we are talking about my views on religion or lack thereof.

Now I will start with a little background to give some understanding on how I came to be the way I am about religion. So my mom was raised catholic and by the time I was born she wasn’t a practicing catholic and more of a private spiritual person.

My father on the other hand was and is a United Methodist, whatever the heck that is. Let me just say I was raised in the church he grew up in, and I have absolutely no idea what a “United Methodist” is. From what I’ve managed over the countless years that I had to go to church, I’ll just keep it discreet, I didn’t quite enjoy the experience.

So now, let me try to explain what exactly I believe in less than 5 hours of words.

My personal view of religion is ever changing and evolving. From what I know about myself I find it hard, impossible actually, to believe that there is only one being that is responsible for life. Also, being that I am a historian of sorts, I have been insanely interested in religion and how it has shaped cultures and the world around it.

After studying many different religions it became clear that I didn’t identify with traditional christian values. I mean that in a sense not that its principles didn’t align with mine, the basics do. However the basics appear to be the same across the board, don’t be a terrible person. The sticky part is when you get into the fan clubs and I know that may offend some people, it’s not intended, it’s just my opinion.

The “fan clubs” are what turn so many people away from religion. These are the people who segregate based on religious factions. They typically judge you for going against their religion and often times become offended when your choices are against their religion, as if it is somehow their own choice. Anyone who tells me I can’t do something based off of their own personal beliefs has no place and I may or may not lose my head.

It was during high school that I really discovered how much I didn’t agree with religion. I love that religion can help others find themselves, give them reason to live, and guide their lives in times of trouble. They find their center. On the other hand, people use religion to ostracize, judge, demean, and push political agendas.

I have the utmost respect for those who practice religion and live by it’s ideals, but forgive me for not being able to reciprocate as I have experienced the horrible side of religion. The side that wasn’t quite intended but sprung from a place of hatred and misguided judgments. When you’re put on the outside for being who you are and loving those who are different and you are the one who is wrong.

It’s hard to talk about because religion is taboo and because I come from a small town where having an opinion is unheard of and you stick to the status quo (cue high school musical). I haven’t and I never will follow the crowd. That is, unless the crowd suddenly gets cool about a lot of things really quick.

Signing off,

McKenna Jean


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