You know what really grinds my gears

So the challenge for day 3 of this challenge is my top 5 pet peeves. So in the next little bit I am going on to the loving tangent and disclose all the things that I can’t stand, complete with gifs and explanations and everything.

1. Misogynists

giphy (1)
There is nothing I love more than a man telling me what to do with my body and how it functions, ESPECIALLY when they have absolutely no knowledge about what it is really like being a lady

2. Double Standards

This includes when it doesn’t benefit me!

3. School Dress Codes

giphy (2)
Yes, because the only people who need to be policed are women and also shoulders are not that distracting. ALSO THE SOCIETAL DRESS CODE MAKES ME IRRITATED.

4. People who chew with their mouth open

I just hate it, it’s disgusting

5. Bad grammar

giphy (3)
This one just speaks for itself 

Signing off with love,

McKenna Jean


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