Look into my Crystal Ball

Come one, come all, take a look into my crystal ball. Let’s take a journey into the future shall we? Oh somethings coming in, its a foggy image, but it looks like it says its 10 years from now. Let’s see where I am in 10 years…


I’m only kidding…..I hope. About 2 months ago in 10 years I was going to be teaching middle school and being married with a family. Welp, that has certainly changed for me.

I mean in 10 years I am going to be 31! I cannot even fathom this reality so I apologize for being a little dumbfounded on what I think I’ll being doing in 10 years. I barely know what I am doing next week! I think this is the big question I have been avoided since the major change. What am I doing with my life, what’s the plan.

Well for starters, lets go with what’s a definite. I hope that in 10 years I have something that looks like my own family, whether its kids or cats, I’ll be satisfied, I mean I’ll only be 21 and my mom didn’t even have me until she was like 35 so I am good on time there. I’d like to live in a small town. I have all my life and it’s calm and expansive. Yes the WiFi can be slow, and of course the cell service isn’t as great as I’d like, but small towns are my home. It’s how I was able to be an individual, because I was (graduating class of about 150).

I think that after I graduate with my bachelors I want to get my masters in High School education and go from there. I am going to be teaching economics and political responsibility to a generation that could honestly probably care less but hey maybe one of them will take me seriously. I am going to be a photographer it’s one of the few consistent joys that have stayed that way and if I find the right place to do it, I’m set.

Most importantly, in 10 years, at age 31, I am going to be happy and healthy regardless of the plot twists and loop-de-loops thrown in that life is oh so fond of on this roller coaster of time. I’ll be 30, flirty, and thriving

1ZxLnGo.gif….(13 going on 30 joke, please tell me you got that)

Well I lost the magic 8 ball for confirmation so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how I turn out.

Signing off with love,

McKenna Jean


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