A Test of Determination

So though it is still early, I appear to have hit a lull. I enjoy writing so much, and that leads to me writing 5,000 word essays on how much I despise tv characters and the patriarchy. These are great topics but in grave need of editing. Until then, I cannot even think about posting such articles as I have the attention span of a squirrel. In hopes of getting better at posting regularly and with more precision so I came across a 30 day blogging challenge.

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So with the intent of following this schedule closely and building up my skills and audience, I am going to use this as a guide to help me gain a routine and find my style.

Thank goodness for Pinterest is all I can really say right now. If I hadn’t come across it when i did who knows when I next would have posted.

I only have like 7 drafts sitting in my box waiting until they are relevant

So if you wish, please bare with me while I figure this out and take this journey.Maybe even in this time I can get some blogging done I finally found a software . Along with this I am hoping to do daily ponderings where I can lazy blog and just overload my blog with content.


One thought on “A Test of Determination

  1. I’m going to try this blog challenge as well! It might help me with my YouTube channel as well, because when you hit the lull it’s hard to get out of

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