Making a Fool of Myself

So have you ever been so awkward words just flood out of your mouth? Yes? oh good it’s not just me. No? oh well its rather embarrassing. I discovered this about myself recently. Not only do I get awkward and say weird things in awkward situations, but I make sure to do it when I’m nervous, or it is most definitely socially unacceptable.  Continue reading “Making a Fool of Myself”


The Life and Times of a “Sinner”

So I got a bit behind but that was because this particular subject can be a bit touchy for most people and I am so used to keeping my mouth shut about it. Today we are talking about my views on religion or lack thereof. Continue reading “The Life and Times of a “Sinner””

You know what really grinds my gears

So the challenge for day 3 of this challenge is my top 5 pet peeves. So in the next little bit I am going on to the loving tangent and disclose all the things that I can’t stand, complete with gifs and explanations and everything. Continue reading “You know what really grinds my gears”

Look into my Crystal Ball

Come one, come all, take a look into my crystal ball. Let’s take a journey into the future shall we? Oh somethings coming in, its a foggy image, but it looks like it says its 10 years from now. Let’s see where I am in 10 years… Continue reading “Look into my Crystal Ball”

Me, Myself, and My Mirror

Well here I am the first day of babbling uncontrollably about my life and we are talking about *drum roll* my relationship status! Woohoo! I am single! I am 21, a senior in college, and have had about 1 serious relationship in my entire life.

I used to be the kind of person constantly searching for someone to validate me and make me feel wanted. I often found that whenever I talked to guys I would get distant and distracted if things took a serious turn and found excuses to get out of it. I always had mixed up priorities and thought that a guy would be the answer to my problems. Continue reading “Me, Myself, and My Mirror”

A Test of Determination

So though it is still early, I appear to have hit a lull. I enjoy writing so much, and that leads to me writing 5,000 word essays on how much I despise tv characters and the patriarchy. These are great topics but in grave need of editing. Until then, I cannot even think about posting such articles as I have the attention span of a squirrel. In hopes of getting better at posting regularly and with more precision so I came across a 30 day blogging challenge. Continue reading “A Test of Determination”

It’s Me Mckenna Jean

Hello Internet, it’s me. I know at this time I am most likely talking to the void. I figured I would introduce myself to the Void of data that is the interwebs. I am McKenzie, I know, I know, “if your name is McKenzie why does it say McKenna Jean?” Well my dear readers, it’s all thanks to my best friend Bliz. Bliz gives everyone a nickname and somehow that became mine and it stuck. Anywho, I am a Senior in College and I am embarking on the summer that is going to change my entire life. Continue reading “It’s Me Mckenna Jean”