30 Days of Babbling, The Life and Times

Making a Fool of Myself

So have you ever been so awkward words just flood out of your mouth? Yes? oh good it's not just me. No? oh well its rather embarrassing. I discovered this about myself recently. Not only do I get awkward and say weird things in awkward situations, but I make sure to do it when I'm… Continue reading Making a Fool of Myself

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You know what really grinds my gears

So the challenge for day 3 of this challenge is my top 5 pet peeves. So in the next little bit I am going on to the loving tangent and disclose all the things that I can't stand, complete with gifs and explanations and everything. 1. Misogynists 2. Double Standards 3. School Dress Codes 4.… Continue reading You know what really grinds my gears

30 Days of Babbling, The Life and Times

Look into my Crystal Ball

Come one, come all, take a look into my crystal ball. Let's take a journey into the future shall we? Oh somethings coming in, its a foggy image, but it looks like it says its 10 years from now. Let's see where I am in 10 years... I'm only kidding.....I hope. About 2 months ago… Continue reading Look into my Crystal Ball

30 Days of Babbling, The Life and Times

A Test of Determination

So though it is still early, I appear to have hit a lull. I enjoy writing so much, and that leads to me writing 5,000 word essays on how much I despise tv characters and the patriarchy. These are great topics but in grave need of editing. Until then, I cannot even think about posting… Continue reading A Test of Determination